Tree Cutting Techniques for the Brave

Cutting a mature tree may be a dangerous thing to do, therefore it has to be managed by properly trained and equipped professionals when possible. Your equipment should be in good repair and you need to check it before using it on a shrub. This list covers the main parts of equipment that could be necessary to cut a mature tree on your premises. Chainsaw: This is probably the most crucial piece of equipment you will need. The chainsaw must have about 3.5 horsepower and it must have a 20 inches bar. The bar length suggests the thickness which the blade may permeate, so 20 inches must be sufficient to cut down trees.

Safety Glasses: Many people dismiss the value of using safety glasses when performing work such as this. Nonetheless, the truth is that flying debris may seriously damage your eyes when cutting with a chainsaw. Leg Protection: If you strike a knot in of the tree, then of the saw could kick out from the shrub and hit you in the leg. Not only are they able to assist direct the collapse of the tree, but they’ll also be around if something goes wrong. While its not suggested to cut yourself, if you will proceed, the first thing you need to do is assess the possible danger of the tree falling on anything besides the ground.

You definitely don’t wish to cut the tree just to have it fall on your home, fence, or worsea neighbors property. As you’ll see on, once you’re prepared to go, you should begin following these steps to safely reduce down your shrub. Determine how tall the tree is.

Based on of the height of the tree, decide on of the direction you wish the tree to fall. Clear the area in the collapse zone from any debris or whatever Tie one end of the rope to of the shrub in either the middle or over the middle will be damaged. Hand of the other end off to your.

Hand of the other end off to your mates the fall zone in a safe the collapse zone at a safe distance. The notch should be at. The notch should be at about knee height, should cut to centre of the tree and need to look like a shallow v. Move to of the other side of the shrub and start slowly cutting into the shrub till begin pulling on the rope. When the tree begins to fall, rapidly begin pulling on the rope. In case the tree does not begin pulling on the rope get caught on another tree, have your mates start pulling on the rope till the tree finally falls. General Tree Cutting Tips – We extremely recommend hiring a professional you.

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